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Meyers Printing

Meyers is a company that provides commercial printing services for some of the most recognized brands around the world. Being a family-owned business since 1946, Meyers has been implementing sustainability practices in printing for several years. To showcase its commitment to sustainability, Meyers required a complete overhaul of its website.


The Rock Solid team took care of designing and developing all aspects of the website to coincide with the launch of Meyers's new logo. Optimizing web pages is crucial for Meyers to generate leads, and the printing company has entrusted Rock Solid to carry out SEO work to ensure a steady flow of leads for its main lines of business. In the first year of doing our SEO work, sales increased incrementally.


Additionally, the Rock Solid team designed and edited a 50-page ebook focused on sustainability for brand managers of consumer-packed goods brands. We also handled all aspects of publicity and promotions surrounding the launch of the new logo, website, and ebook.

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